Project Management

Our Project Management solutions help organizations create highly effective, world-class systems and processes to ensure the growth of your organizations. The services that we provide through our Project Management (PM) focuses on the entire life cycle of the projects based on Project Management Institute (PMI) and Agile practices. Many national and international organizations in the country lack proper skills to manage even small projects. They face various administrative, logistical, and financial, legal, managerial and program related challenges that are not complicated to address but yet require professional approaches and interventions. We help you develop plans that can improve your business, assist you with project implementation and the responsibility to deploy right and professional capacities at your organization. We help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives in a logical time frame and cost-effective manner.

PUL Consulting also helps organizations improve their performance through modest assessments, analyzing existing problems and providing relevant solutions. Our PM and OD solutions bring efficiency and reduce the possible financial risks towards your organization by identifying areas of vulnerability and developing comprehensive plans to fill the gaps and ensure the future growth of your organization. Our Project Management and Organizational Development Pillar includes but not limited to the following services:

  • Concept & Proposal Writing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project and Program Design (Conceptualization)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Office Set up and Establishment Support Services
  • Organizational Development
  • Assessment, Research, Field Study and Survey
  • Business Plan development